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Logical Hypothesis – Most Important Factors Every Fresher Must Know

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A logical hypothesis is one of the simplest types of hypothesis that can be verified logically and can or cannot be verified statistically.


A hypothesis is a claim that can be verified or refuted using the evidence at hand. A theory or claim needs to pass scrutiny in order to be confirmed as true. This serves as a starting point for additional research that will use the scientific method to prove the hypothesis. The idea must be tested several times because there are numerous factors that could influence the outcomes.

Dependent Independent and Variables:

A hypothesis presents a presumptive link between two variables in a manner that may be empirically examined. These are dependent and independent variables:

Dependent Variable:

The dependent variable is reliant on additional variables.

Independent Variable:

Unlike dependent variables, independent variables are unaffected by other factors. The independent variable can affect the dependent variable, but the dependent variable cannot affect the independent variable.


How much makeup someone uses determines how clear his or her skin is. The makeup is the independent variable in this situation, while the skin is the dependent variable. The study of dependent and independent variables is significant because it aids in establishing cause and effect.

Types of Hypotheses:

The most common types of hypotheses are:

  1. Simple Hypothesis
  2. Complex Hypothesis
  3. Null Hypothesis
  4. Alternative Hypothesis
  5. Logical Hypothesis
  6. Empirical Hypothesis
  7. Statistical Hypothesis

Our main concern, however, is the logical hypothesis.

Logical Hypothesis:

A proposed explanation supported by scant data is called logical hypothesis. Generally, you wish to test your hypotheses or postulations by converting a logical hypothesis into an empirical hypothesis. There is currently no proof for these theories in relation to these examples. To get to a logical conclusion, you can create a hypothesis based on the information at hand. If you are working on a dissertation with this hypothesis type, you can buy dissertation online from experts..


  • On Mars, cacti grow more successfully than tulips do.
  • The atmosphere of Earth would be inhospitable to life on Mars.
  • Anaerobic respiration, as opposed to aerobic respiration, is used by creatures located at the bottom of the ocean.

Characteristics of Logical Hypothesis:

A logical hypothesis has the following features:

  • It can either be deductive or inductive.
  • It can be verified by logical evidence.
  • It may or may not be verified statistically.
  • It is backed by facts.
  • A logical hypothesis has similarities with already existing theories.
  • It is also compatible with already established laws.
  • It is testable.
  • It can be both, true and false, which can only be said once it is tested.

Most Important Factors Of Logical Hypothesis:

The most important factors of logical hypothesis every fresher must are given below:

Review of Literature:

A logical hypothesis is not generated by deeply examining something. Therefore, before putting forward a logical hypothesis, one must read all the literature regarding that particular topic the hypothesis is about. This will eliminate any errors and the hypothesis will be more solid. The probability of it proving to be true will also elevate. Hence, reviewing the literature is a crucial thing.


Freshers indeed think that a long hypothesis with hard and fast wording leaves a good impression, but this is undoubtedly a wrong concept and a myth. Not just logical hypotheses, but every hypothesis that is clear, concise and simple leave a remarkably better impression than the long ones with tough terminology. Hence, the hypothesis should be unambiguous and free of vague and dubious language.


It should be possible to test the hypothesis you are putting forward. For instance, if you say that wheat can grow better on the planet Pluto, this hypothesis will sound ridiculous. This is because no one can test it. However, if you suggest this hypothesis for Mars instead of Pluto, it will be widely accepted because it is possible to test it.


Before formulating a logical hypothesis, you should make sure that the techniques and methods needed to test it are available. As mentioned in the above example, we cannot formulate the hypothesis on Pluto because we do not have the equipment to go there and test the growth of wheat. However, it is okay to put forward the hypothesis regarding Mars because the equipment we have is advanced enough to travel to Mars and so, the suggested hypothesis can be tested.

Variables and Their Relationship:

A good logical hypothesis should well explain all the variables and how they are all related to one another. More importantly, it should illustrate which variables are dependent and which are independent; and how the dependent variables rely upon independent variables.


The logical hypothesis you are formulating should be compatible with already existing theories or laws. It is good if you cite a couple of theories or laws that support your hypothesis. This will strengthen your hypothesis and provide it with more credibility.


A logical hypothesis should be specific. It should deal with one thing at a time. It should also be able to generate more questions and give rise to more research in the field.

Logical Hypothesis vs. Other Types of Hypothesis:

A logical hypothesis predicts something based on logical connections rather than sustainable evidence as is the case with other types of hypotheses. Therefore, it is both easy and tricky to formulate a logical hypothesis easy in a way that you do not need to observe something physically; instead, you can formulate the logical hypothesis just by reviewing the literature. But it is tricky because there is a chance that you might end up formulating a hypothesis with very low credibility if your literature review or research is not good enough.


It will not be wrong to say that a logical hypothesis is the simplest type of hypothesis. If you are about to formulate a logical hypothesis, make sure to thoroughly review the concerned literature, make complete and strong research no matter how long it may take, and keep in mind the above-given factors and you are good to go.

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